BBC Exposes Altaf & MQM


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A change is Must for survival of Pakistan. Let's put hands together to bring Change.
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One Response to BBC Exposes Altaf & MQM

  1. awan hm says:

    The BIG BUFFLE MAFIOS Altaf Hussain God Father of MQM Mafia MQM Group along with all his Cronies is finally approaching their Destiny like all the Mafia Organisations in the Past – The Prision Houses/Jails in UK.
    This Beard Man, the Micky Mouse Presenting himself, a feard Mouse running after Shelter; searching & choosing his words very carefully while defending Big Mafios in front of the UK journalist.
    While in Pakistan they all the Mafia Gangsters of MQM are Thundering arround and Terrorising all the Journalist, Politicians and the Innocent people of Pakistan.

    God Bless the Youth of Pakistan; The only Future Hope.

    Hanif Mohammad awan M.Sc., Amsterdam, the Netherlands/11 July 2013

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