Great News for Overseas Pakistanis

Fantastic news from Overseas Pakistan Solidarity

1. Overseas Pakistanis Postal Vote Procedure for Pakistani General Elections 2013 to be held on 11 May 2013NUPSA would like to inform that the Government of Pakistan has given final approval for Overseas Pakistanis voting rights and the procedure to cast postal vote is given below:1) At first, please SMS your NICOP/CNIC number to 8300 in Pakistan through a friend or family member if you are outside the country to verify your parliamentary constituency.2) After you have verified this, kindly fill in the form given in the link below and send it to the local Returning Officer of your parliamentary constituency so that he/she dispatch your postal vote card to your correspondence address outside Pakistan.In order to further assist you, we have also attached the links to sample forms which can be used as a guideline to fill in the postal vote form. All the information to fill in the form can also be found through the vote verification reply sms from 8300. Furthermore, the name of your constituency’s returning officer can be found by checking with your nearest local election commission office in Pakistan.Postal Vote Form for both National and Provincial Assemblies: vote forms: (National Assembly) (Provincial Assembly)       


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