23 Minimum Reasons Not To Vote PMLN

I have minimum 23 Reasons not to vote for PML-N .. Any PML-N Supporter who can deny these facts? Please share your views!!
1. Liars (Jedda Contract One Example)
2. Hudabiya Paper Mills Scandal (Reference Pending in NAB)
3. Ittefaq Foundries Scandal (Loan Defaulters)
4. Money Laundering (illegal transfers) Ishaq Dar’s statement
5. NRO
6. Record Lowest GDP in both tenures (90 & 97)
7. Tax Evaders
8. Used Public Money for personal projection
9. Fake Degree Holders
10. Defaulters of Banks & LESCO
11. Supported Zardari in order to get next term guaranteed
12. Criminal Act of keeping 1.14 Million kids away from schools in Punjab
13. No action taken against Fake Medicine producers (Haneef Abbasi PIC Scandal)
14. PTCL, Wapda & Internet Defaulters in Assembly (Including Ch. Nisar)
15. Sana Ullah Zahri President PMLN Balochistan abusing ladies in Press Conf (Farzana Raja)
16. Access to clean water in Punjab is decreased by 4% in last tenure of PML-N.
17. Infant mortality rate in Punjab has increased in last 5 years.
18. Revenue of Punjab has decreased in last 5 years.
19. Number of children without access to education has increased in last 5 years. Whereas Punjab Govt. was spending money on Laptops & Danish Schools. (11.5 million)
20. Infrastructure of Govt. schools in Punjab has been destroyed, 31% of schools without washrooms.
21-not proper funding for rescue 1122,
22- no fuel for petroling police that resulted in increase in crime ratio
23- no funds for advancement of technical research in universities & colleges.ETC. ETC. ETC. List goes on..


About Waqas Ahmed

24 year old passionate follower of IMRANIAT and die hard hater of Nawaz aka NOORA.
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