Punjab University caught helping fake degree holder

Given the worst political pressure during the last five years, Punjab University has been hit by a stinking scandal which has not only damaged its credibility but has also cast severe doubts on the authenticity of the degrees issued by the university and degrees of MPs verified by it during the last three years.
In a shocking disclosure, it has been revealed that under immense pressure of the former federal and provincial governments the university not only issued a fake degree to Abdul Qadir Gillani, the son of former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani. Relevant officials of the Examination Department were involved in it which seems as a classic example of political give and take.
This tale has been submitted, in black and white, in the Supreme Court (SC) by the person who cancelled Abdul Qadir Gilani’s degree on account of unfair means as his BA papers were conducted in an examination centre where he was not registered.
There were reports that under immense political pressure, the Punjab University verified the doubtful degrees of many powerful MPs during last three years. This influence of the former ruling political party of Punjab became the basis for Sheikh Waqas Akram to join PML-N even though his A-level degree has been declared fake by Cambridge University. Waqas also possesses a graduation degree of Punjab University and this degree is yet to be verified.
A top PU official came on record and has informed the SC that fake degree of the son of top PPP leader and former Prime Minister of Pakistan has been issued by forcing relevant examination staff and by changing the disciplinary committee. Dr Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal, professor and former dean of the Facility of Education, in a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) mentioned that Abdul Qadir Gilani appeared for BA examination in 2005 under Roll No 94281. An unfair means case was registered against him vide No 53/13-2006 dated 25-2-2006. Show-cause notice was issued to him accordingly and he was instructed to appear before the Disciplinary Committee headed by Professor Iqbal.
Iqbal’s letter reads: “Despite repeated notices, he did not appear before the committee and hence after adopting all formalities he was declared disqualified and his result card was squashed.
Later, after the lapse of about 3 years, I was asked by the university authorities to exonerate Mr. Abdul Qadir Gilani from the charges of using unfair means during the said examination so that his BA result and degree would be regularized. It is to be noted that under existing rules, a review petition is to be taken up by the same disciplinary committee which decides the initial unfair mean case. However, I refused to accommodate the demand on two grounds. Firstly, review petition was to be submitted within a stipulated period of three months and secondly, we decided the case as per rules of the university. Because I refused to bow my head before the university authorities and declined to obey unethical and illegal orders, I was threatened of dire consequences and that my life would be made miserable. A couple of months back I came to know that a special committee was constituted to exonerate Mr. Abdul Qadir Gilani and his BA degree was issued unlawfully, as there is no provision in the university rules for constitution of special committee. I have also learned that after investigation, the SIU of FIA has unearthed many other irregularities in this case. It is pertinent to mention here that it is not the only example of illegal actions by the IER/university authorities.”
Professor Iqbal told the apex court that he refused to obey illegal instructions upon which the university authorities became revengeful and deprived him from his genuine rights. He was removed from various positions which he otherwise deserved being senior most professor of education and the dean of the Faculty of Education.
“Secondly, I retired on July 6, 2012. As per government rules, pension and gratuity benefits of the retiring individuals are to be released one month prior to the retirement. About eight months have passed since my retirement, but despite my repeated requests my pension benefits have not been released,” he said.
The PU vice chancellor was not available for his comments. The questions he was sent were not replied to till the filing of this report. Professor Iqbal told The News that the case of Abdul Qadir Gilani is not the only one in which the PU has been involved as there are many more.

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